Middle of July: birthday, small trips, moving on

I turned 25 on July 8th. It feels like a good age, so in the middle–it’s own kind of crossroad between leaving my early 20s, the silvery fog of early adulthood, to something that feels more like permanence and self-assuredness. So I’d hope.

Before I move, I’ve been staying with my parents in Ohio. I’m from Pennsylvania, but this little work motel my trucker dad is set up in has become home during my breaks. We visited The Troll Hole in Alliance, Ohio:

And we took a trip to the Akron Zoo:

In under two weeks, I’ll be leaving again to prepare to move. I’ll be making home in a new place, so far from where I’ve been. I’m nervous but excited for what’s ahead. There’s not much to say about it yet, but I know the words will come.

Published by Heather

Writer, Poet, PhD Student, College Educator

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