Summer Solstice

Happy first day of summer ♡ In honor of the transition, I made a summer solstice collage. My images were primarily retrieved from thegraphicfairy and knickoftime.

Summer is my favorite season. July 8th is my birthday. I have plenty of time until school begins. Today, I made an inventory of all the things that felt like summer. I like to think my best writing comes when the sun is brightest. I’m nostalgic for my childhood days on the porch, sun tea near the steps, chalk staining rainbow on my hands. There were pinwheels and knick knacks, our camper I held sleepovers in, the fire pit where we made ‘mountain pies.’ I love the laziness of the days, how time is more difficult to tell. It always feels like a more magical space, time to learn and enjoy yourself.

Summer feels like a reset. New rituals. What does summer make you want to write? What writing exercises do you find useful?

Published by Heather

Writer, Poet, PhD Student, College Educator

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